Plight of the modern mouse

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Date: Mar. 1994
From: Managing Office Technology(Vol. 39, Issue 3)
Publisher: OfficeVision, Inc.
Document Type: Article
Length: 1,334 words

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Mice are being designed to meet increasing ergonomic concerns. Problems center on how the mouse is used and where it is placed, as well as the device's design. The mouse should be placed near the keyboard, within comfortable reach. Research shows that employees work most productively and safely when they are relaxed, equipment is within immediate reach and they maintain proper posture. Placing the keyboard in a neutral plane with a negative slope platform and the mouse within immediate zone significantly decrease the fatigue, pain and discomfort experienced by many workers. Other I/O devices, such as a trackball and Apple's UnMouse device, also require attention to ergonomic concerns.

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