Attitudes toward women school administrators in Turkey

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Date: Summer 2010
From: Education(Vol. 130, Issue 4)
Publisher: Project Innovation (Alabama)
Document Type: Report
Length: 4,043 words

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There is a shortage of women in educational administration. Women represent a majority of teachers, yet men occupy most administrative positions. Although the numbers of women in administrative positions have been increasing during the last two decades, women are still reported as facing barriers and being discriminated against while reaching upper levels in their careers. It has been assumed that in the workplaces women administrators lead and manage the subordinates of these woman administrators can develop some kind of negative attitudes towards their administrators. This-if it is the case- can decrease the level of motivation, job satisfaction, produce employees with less organizational commitment and lead to low levels of production, respectively. The purpose of this study is to examine the attitudes toward women administrators and the impacts of gender difference, hostile, benevolent, and patriarchy on these attitudes in Turkey. Keywords: Attitudes, women, school, administrators, gender.

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