Premature oral pre-shaping for feeding in elderly population with risk of aspiration pneumonia.

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From: PLoS ONE(Vol. 16, Issue 2)
Publisher: Public Library of Science
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The aim of this study was to determine the abnormal hand and mouth behavior before actual swallowing for eating in elderly people with high risk of aspiration pneumonia. Ten elderly people with a diagnosis of aspiration pneumonia (EAP), 15 healthy elderly (HE) people, and 21 young adults (YA) were enrolled. The feeding time and the timing of the maximum distance between the upper and lower lips were extracted using a motion analyzer during self-feeding and assisted-feeding. The results showed that feeding time in EAP was significantly longer than that for the other groups in self- and assisted-feeding. In self-feeding, the timing of mouth-preparation in the EAP group was significantly earlier than that in the other groups; conversely, in assisted-feeding, the timing in EAP was significantly delayed. Our results indicate that abnormal preparation of mouth-shape and movement time of hand before actual swallowing in both self- and assisted-feeding may exist in elderly people with previous experience of aspiration pneumonia.

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