The relationship between reading beauty and fashion magazines and the use of pahtogenic dieting methods among adolescent females

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Date: Spring 2002
From: Adolescence(Vol. 37, Issue 145)
Publisher: Libra Publishers, Inc.
Document Type: Article
Length: 5,645 words

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This study examined the relationship between reading women's beauty and fashion magazines and the use of pathogenic dieting methods (laxatives, appetite suppressants/diet pills, skipping two meals a day, intentional vomiting, and restricting calories to 1,200 or less each day) among 502 high school females. Weak to moderate positive associations were found between reading frequency and each of these unhealthful practices except the use of laxatives. When controlling for anxiety about weight and frequency of regular exercise, however, the original bivariate relations between reading frequency and skipping two meals a day, and reading and intentional vomiting, disappeared. Replication and weak specification effects were found when examining the relationships between reading and taking appetite suppressant/weight control pills, and reading and restricting calories, under the control conditions. These findings suggest that two of the most common adolescent dieting methods--restricting calories and taking diet pil ls--appear to be influenced by the reading of women's beauty and fashion magazines.

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