Microbiological resource centers

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Author: Rita R. Colwell
Date: July 25, 1986
From: Science(Vol. 233)
Publisher: American Association for the Advancement of Science
Document Type: Editorial
Length: 614 words

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Microbiological Resource Centers

The Microbiological Resource Centers (MIRCEN's) established in 1975 are carrying out highly cost-effective international programs. The MIRCEN's provide an infrastructure for a world network incorporating regional and interregional laboratories geared to the management, distribution, and use of microbial gene pools. The MIRCEN network supports workshops, training courses, and research projects. The centers reinforce conservation of microorganisms, emphasizing Rhizobium gene pools in developing countries with an agrarian base. The MIRCEN's have been active in fostering development of new and extensive technologies native to specific regions and have promoted the application of microbiology to strengthen world economies. They conduct programs throughout the world to investigate diverse capabilities of microorganisms for economic usefulness in helping the United States and developing nations meet both their present and future agriculture, chemical, energy, food, health, and waste-management needs. But despite a history of growing success, the U.S. share of support previously provided through U.S. membership in...

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