Framework programmes evolve. (Policy Forum: Science In Europe)

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Author: Hans Wigzell
Date: Jan. 18, 2002
From: Science(Vol. 295, Issue 5554)
Publisher: American Association for the Advancement of Science
Document Type: Brief article
Length: 596 words

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Europe is presently undergoing a most exciting period of transition. Via a cobweb of changes, a large number of nations are moving toward creating a federation of states, the European Union (EU). It is possible that in the end all of Europe, with Russia and Turkey, will be included. This is an experiment of a kind never tried before and it will be ongoing for many years. Strategic components for the success of this venture, such as research and innovation, will be dependent on well-understood, clearly organized structures with clear-cut organizations. The EU has chosen for the f'irst decades of its existence to use a series of changing Framework Prograrmnes to create what has been called a European Research Arena. Elements of these Framework programs aim to promote a European identity through such activities as supporting collaboration between scientists across national borders and encouraging movements of researchers between universities...

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