Funds voted for NSF, NASA

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Author: Mark Crawford
Date: Aug. 19, 1988
From: Science(Vol. 241, Issue 4868)
Publisher: American Association for the Advancement of Science
Document Type: Article
Length: 497 words

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Funds Voted for NSF, NASA After allowing only for inflation in the current year, Congress has appropriated a funding increase for the National Science Foundation's core research account that could provide for some growth in programs next year. This 8.9% rise in close to the 10% hike requested in January by the Administration and will bring overall spending for research and related activities to $1.58 billion. How this increase will be shared among existing programs is not certain.

To a limited extent, distribution of this money will depend on how NSF Director Erich Bloch decides to implement his proposed science and technology centers program. These specialized science centers will support multi-investigator basic research.

While rejecting the Administration's request for a special $150-million, 5-year appropriation,...

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