A study of IgA antibody response to different Mycobacterium tuberculosis antigens in the diagnosis and monitoring of pulmonary tuberculosis

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We evaluated the performance of the ELISA technique in the detection of IgA antibodies against different Mycobacterium tuberculosis antigenic preparations in serum samples from 49 patients with pulmonary tuberculosis collected before and after the start of specific treatment. The controls consisted of serum samples from healthy patients without any prior contact with the bacteria and serum samples from patients with other pneumopathies. Glycolipid antigen gave the best diagnostic performance, with a sensitivity of 88% and specificities varying from 88 to 100% in the control groups. These antigens constitute a powerful tool for the diagnosis and monitoring of patients with pulmonary tuberculosis. Key-Words: Tuberculosis, IgA, serological diagnosis, ELISA, glycolipid antigen.

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