Enterprise Rent-a-Car drives home service with the help of Ceridian

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Date: Mar. 1998
From: Management Accounting (USA)(Vol. 79, Issue 9)
Publisher: Institute of Management Accountants
Document Type: Article
Length: 807 words

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Enterprise Rent-a-Car and Ceridian have enjoyed a strong business relationship for nearly 10 years because of their commitment to service quality and customer satisfaction. Ceridian provides payroll and tax filing services for Enterprise which provides transportation services in the US. These services, which include the processing and distribution of checks and reports, utilize Ceridian's Xpresscheck computer software technology. The computer software is backed by a tutorial system, support analysts and electronic mail systems designed to reduce various administrative tasks. Moreover, a Ceridian account executive works as a consultant at Enterprise Rent-a-Car. The executive works three times a week and is supported by a technical service support organization.

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