Civilian contractor burned by shower water

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Date: Apr. 2013
From: Trial(Vol. 49, Issue 4)
Publisher: American Association for Justice
Document Type: Article
Length: 468 words
Lexile Measure: 1300L

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FLUOR INTERCONTINENTAL, Inc., contracted with the Army Corps of Engineers to provide operations and maintenance services at various civilian compounds in Iraq, including Freedom Compound, a 600-bed facility in Baghdad. David Dawson, a civilian contractor living at the compound, was showering one day when he lost consciousness for unknown reasons. When he awoke, he felt excruciating pain and discovered that he was being showered with scalding water.

By the time Dawson, 41, was able to turn off the water, he had suffered third-degree burns over 65 percent of his body. He underwent skin grafts to his arms, legs, back, and torso. His past medical expenses totaled about $380,000, and he will incur an estimated $1.5 million in...

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