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Date: January-March 2014
From: Journal of Advertising(Vol. 43, Issue 1)
Publisher: Taylor & Francis Group LLC
Document Type: Editorial
Length: 1,156 words
Lexile Measure: 1260L

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Since 1972, the Journal of Advertising has published 163 issues and more than 1,100 articles. The Journal has served as a platform for thought leaders in advertising, and the broad range of advertising-related topics has made a remarkable impact in the fields of marketing and communication. I am truly honored to be chosen as the twelfth editor of the Journal. My official three-year term begins with this issue.

Since my editorial transition, which began on August 1, the former editor, Wei-Na Lee, has provided timely advice and support. Thanks to her initiative, the Journal now utilizes an electronic submission system, ScholarOne, where contributors, reviewers, and our editorial team can handle the entire review process electronically. Wei-Na undertook the tremendous task of migrating from the manual submission system, and for this she deserves a great deal of credit.

One of my initial duties was to form a team of dedicated associate editors who could assist me in making decisions about manuscripts. Three of Wei-Na's associate editors, namely Amanda Bower, Julie Ruth, and Trina Sego, kindly accepted my request to continue their service for another term. Newly invited associate editors are Francois A. Carrillat, Chingching Chang, Micael Dahlen, Jisu Huh, and Scott Koslow. All of them are highly respected scholars in our field. I trust that their wisdom and scholarship will help us to maintain our high standards. Angeles Navarro is the new editorial assistant, taking over from Jinnie Yoo who worked so diligently to support my editorial transition.

One of our valuable assets, the editorial review board, has also entered a new phase. Since the first board, which was formed in 1991 (Zinkhan 1991), the Journal has greatly benefited from the board's outstanding contributions to our peer review system. Undoubtedly,...

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