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Date: Wntr 2021
From: AMASS(Vol. 25, Issue 3)
Publisher: Society For Popular Democracy
Document Type: Article
Length: 943 words
Lexile Measure: 1220L

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Palindromically speaking, 2020 has me scratching my head asking, "Oh, who was it I saw? Oh, who?" We have been through it; it has been through us. A year of isolation and disruption of our daily lives that was stretched, drawn, and twisted into an anxiety pretzel. And, on top of that porridge of dismal expectations, we had a lunatic political year where grown people were seduced by the internet into believing; that the government was run by pedophiles who traffic children out of pizza parlors, the wildfires in California were set by Israeli lasers from outer space, the drinking of bleach was a preventative measure against COVID, lizard people as "Freemasons" were thwarted by the Nashville bomber, whose middle name begins with "Q," and an election was rigged by the use of voting machines that were controlled by Venezuela via Nicaragua and either Putin the puppet master or the Ukrainians against a loud bully of a streetwise con artist from Queens, New York, who didn't want to panic us, the citizenry, against the lethal threat of a pandemic that came along and killed over five hundred thousand of us and put millions out of work as it exposed a crippled health care system that had been under attack over the last four years, while being accused of perpetrating race-baiting by enabling subversive elements amongst us with aid and comfort and casting aspersion on those...

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