President's letter.

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Author: W.A. Watts
Date: May-June 2021
From: Journal of Property Management(Vol. 86, Issue 3)
Publisher: Institute of Real Estate Management
Document Type: Article
Length: 672 words
Lexile Measure: 1430L

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Location, location, location! That's the timeless refrain when it comes to real estate, and it's still true to this day. But there's a deeper meaning in that maxim we can take to heart as property managers: Location matters when it's where people want to be. The theme of this edition of JPM is the tenant and resident perspective. Our profession might very well not require the level of specialized skillsets that it currently does were it not for the numerous types of end users we serve. In fact, IREM is unique in the real estate management community in that we serve professionals in all asset classes!

One of the initiatives of my term as IREM president is partnerships. IREM was founded out of the recognition that skilled, educated, and certified professionals are needed to maintain relationships and satisfy the needs of tenants, residents, owners, and investors. What each of us as real estate professionals can do right now is take stock of our relationships with key stakeholders and...

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