Investigation of inhibition effect of daidzein on osteosarcoma cells based on experimental validation and systematic pharmacology analysis.

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Objective This study aims to explore the effect of daidzein, which is a natural isoflavone compound mainly extracted from soybeans, on osteosarcoma and the potential molecular mechanism. Material and Methods 143B and U2OS osteosarcoma cells were treated with gradient concentrations of daidzein, and MTT assay was used to determine the cell proliferation capacity and IC.sub.50 . Hoechst 33342 staining and Annexin V-FITC/PI detection were used to determine apoptosis. Cell cycle was analyzed by flow cytometry, and migration ability were detected by transwell assays and scratch wound assay. An osteosarcoma xenograft mice model was applied to investigate the effect of daidzein on osteosarcoma in vivo. Systematic pharmacology and molecular modeling analysis were applied to predict the target of daidzein to osteosarcoma, and the target Src was verified by western blotting. We also observed the effect of daidzein on cell proliferation and apoptosis of Src-overexpressing osteosarcoma cells. Results In vitro, daidzein significantly inhibited 143B and U2OS osteosarcoma cell proliferation and migration, and induced cell cycle arrest. In vivo, daidzein exerts antitumor effects in osteosarcoma xenograft mice. After systematic screening and analysis, Src-MAPK signaling pathway was predicted as the highest-ranked pathway. Western blot demonstrated that daidzein inhibited phosphorylation of the Src-ERK pathway in osteosarcoma cells. Also, overexpression of Src could partially reverse the inhibitory effects of daidzein on osteosarcoma cell proliferation. Conclusion Daidzein exerts an antitumor effect on osteosarcoma, and the mechanism may be through the Src-ERK pathway.

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