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Author: Robert Fox
Date: Wntr 2021
From: AMASS(Vol. 25, Issue 3)
Publisher: Society For Popular Democracy
Document Type: Article
Length: 978 words
Lexile Measure: 1220L

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It is time to call out Scott Wiener for the ruthless person he is. As senator, he has continued to put forward bill after bill with the purpose of destroying single family neighborhoods. What is most important for us to realize is that his push for density not only excludes low-income and affordable housing--his bills are all exclusively for upscale market-rate housing. One must then form certain conclusions given the context of such legislation.

Our own senator, Lena Gonzalez, is partnering on the latest iteration of this market-rate density movement. As co-sponsor of SB 10, she knows this is all for upscale development. When confronted by the specific language of the bill, she reverted to her memorized statements that these bills were for affordable housing. When the Lakewood Village Neighborhood Association actually pointed out the specific language in the bill to her in a recent Zoom meeting, she refused to acknowledge the words of the bill and again repeated the false claim that it was about affordable housing.

Let us do a little historical reference at this point, as it will shed light upon the actual purposes and goals of both of these senators. During Lena Gonzalez's recent campaign for the senate, she accepted one million dollars from the oil industry. She tried to hide that fact and spread false statements as to the truth of those monies. This is recorded in several interviews, and news reports. It would have been bad press, and...

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