Nonenzmatic browning kinetics in low-moisture food systems as affected by matrix composition and crystallization

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Authors: Song Miao and Yrjo H. Roos
Date: Mar. 2005
From: Journal of Food Science(Vol. 70, Issue 2)
Publisher: Wiley Subscription Services, Inc.
Document Type: Article
Length: 55 words

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Nonenzymmatic browning (NEB) in lactose, trehalose, and lactose/trehalose food model systems containing L-lysine and D-xylose (5% w/w) as reactants was studied at 4 different relative vapor pressure (RVP) (33.2%, 44.1%, 54%, 65.6%) environment at room temperature. The results indicated that the composition of the carbohydrate-based low-moisture real food systems be considered in controlling NEB reaction.

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