Melatonin inhibits cytosolic mitochondrial DNA-induced neuroinflammatory signaling in accelerated aging and neurodegeneration.

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From: Journal of Clinical Investigation(Vol. 131, Issue 9)
Publisher: American Society for Clinical Investigation
Document Type: Correction notice
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We identified errors in seven figure panels in this manuscript: Figures 1F, 2C, 2E, 3C, and 7E and Supplemental Figures 1E and 7A. These errors were identified as the result of a thorough review of each figure panel after discrepancies were noted by a reader after publication. When the concern was brought to our attention, we reviewed all the data for every panel in the publication. In the data review, we reexamined the original raw data for each figure. We informed the JCI of the errors in these panels and provided the raw data to the editors for their review. This information was also...

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