Improving on Half-Lightweight Male Judokas' High Performance by the Application of the Analytic Network Process.

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Author(s): Sugoi Uriarte Marcos, Raàºl Rodrà­guez-Rodrà­guez, Juan-José Alfaro-Saiz, Eduardo Carballeira, Maier Uriarte Marcos

Judo is a multifactorial sport where many variables or key performance indicators (KPIs) such as force-velocity profile, bioenergetic capacity, technical and tactical skills, and cognitive and emotional competence play a role and influence the final result. While there have been many academic studies of these variables, usually in isolation, none have examined KPIs holistically or analyzed their impact on strategic performance. The main objective of the present study, therefore, is to apply a novel and easily replicable methodology to identify and prioritize the main KPIs affecting performance in professional judo. Such a methodology was applied to the High-Performance Judo Centre of...

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