Fuzzy Comprehensive Safety Evaluation of Pipeline Disaster in China-Russia Crude Oil Permafrost Region Based on Improved Analytic Hierarchy Process-Entropy Weight Method.

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Date: Mar. 31, 2022
Publisher: Hindawi Limited
Document Type: Article
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Considering the difficulty in evaluating pipeline safety in permafrost region, the pipeline disaster safety evaluation index system in permafrost region is analyzed and established. A comprehensive weight determination method based on improved fuzzy analytic hierarchy process, entropy weight method and Lagrange algorithm is proposed, and a fuzzy comprehensive evaluation model of permafrost pipeline safety is established. Taking the disaster safety evaluation of pipeline in the China-Russia crude oil permafrost region as an example, the proposed method is used to determine the comprehensive weight of disaster safety index of permafrost pipeline and carry out comprehensive safety evaluation. The rationality of the comprehensive weight determination method is verified by comparing with the performance of the traditional AHP evaluation method.

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