Controversies concerning vitamin K and the newborn

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From: Pediatrics(Vol. 91, Issue 5)
Publisher: American Academy of Pediatrics
Document Type: Article
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Treatment of newborns with an intramuscular injection of vitamin K is controversial. Newborns with vitamin K deficiency have a risk of developing classic hemorrhagic disease of the newborn (HDN). HDN is unexpected bleeding caused by low levels of vitamin K-dependent blood clotting factors. Preventive treatment with vitamin K can prevent classic HDN or late HDN in older infants. A research study found that newborns treated with intramuscular vitamin K may have an increased risk of developing leukemia and other types of childhood cancer. Children treated with oral vitamin K may have a lower risk of developing childhood cancer. Other researchers have found that an association may not exist between intramuscular vitamin K and childhood cancer. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that all newborns receive a single injection of vitamin K. It also recommends that the safety of vitamin K be examined further.

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