Moses baskets are a potential health hazard

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Authors: M Hesseling and JA Sills
Date: Nov. 17, 2001
From: British Medical Journal(Vol. 323, Issue 7322)
Publisher: BMJ Publishing Group Ltd.
Document Type: Letter to the editor
Length: 407 words

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EDITOR--Moses baskets are commonly used items in households around the country. Some are fitted with carrying handles. Within two months in 2000 we encountered three cases of babies falling out of such baskets after an unintentional slip of the handles; two of these cases resulted in skull fractures. A possible diagnosis of nonaccidental injury was ruled out.

Close inspection of the Moses baskets showed that the handles did not seem long enough to meet in the middle (figure). This means that a tighter grip around the handles is needed, which increases the risk of an unintentional slip. The British Standards Institute...

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