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Author: Sandy Mcknight
Date: Wntr 2021
From: AMASS(Vol. 25, Issue 3)
Publisher: Society For Popular Democracy
Document Type: Article
Length: 666 words
Lexile Measure: 1010L

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Soooo...that was a close one.

America nearly became a fascist state. Now before you beg to differ, I'll grant you that we don't know how Trump 2.0 would have played out. But I'd suggest it wouldn't have been an experiment in inclusion and unity. Antifa wouldn't have to exist were there no threat of "fa."

A few more votes--or a few more Russian tricks--and we would have found out. Those of us who stayed after the revolution would have found out, anyway. The smart ones would have secured housing somewhere safe, like Tierra del Fuego, for the duration. In the days leading up to the election, Facebook was full of ads suggesting the best ways to move abroad or obtain dual citizenship.

The Capitol incursion of January 6 was too little, too late for Donald and his lame ducks. But it did serve as a taste of what was likely to come. There are a lot of sore losers out there. With guns.

The thing no...

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