Editor's introduction: Thinking about Digital Life.

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Author: Ben Medeiros
Date: June 2022
From: Communication Research Trends(Vol. 41, Issue 2)
Publisher: Centre for the Study of Communication and Culture
Document Type: Article
Length: 587 words
Lexile Measure: 1330L

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Those communication scholars who focus on media have, on a regular basis, confronted a rapidly changing world of new technologies that seemingly upend communication practices (also on a regular basis). In finding their way through a constantly new world, they first focused on the effects of media: from Lasswell's studies of mass media-led propaganda in journalism and film in the First World War era through Lazarsfeld and his colleagues' interest in persuasion, influence, and advertising through the Second World War to the panics about the influence of comics and television on children in the 1950s to the effects of violence on television in the next decades. Each new medium brought its own distinct reaction in communication research. Over the years, scholars developed more powerful research methods. They also began a new focus through more carefully honed critiques of technology, communication-inflected societies, and research methods themselves.


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