Rhetorical Forms in Right-Wing Populist Discourse.

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Author: Robert Hariman
Date: July 2021
From: China Media Research(Vol. 17, Issue 3)
Publisher: Edmondson Intercultural Enterprises
Document Type: Report
Length: 5,679 words
Lexile Measure: 1350L

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Abstract :

This paper considers how contemporary right-wing populism in the United States relies on the rhetorical forms of abstraction, analogy, and allegory. These are evident in both legacy and new media, difficult to challenge directly, and capable of bonding democratic audiences to authoritarian regimes. Their configuration benefits from several conditions of possibility, including a logic of democratic speech, a contemporary media logic, and a logic of populist mobilization. This formalist analysis augments other explanations of right-wing populism and has implications regarding political identification, cognitive deniability, and strategic advantage. Because these symbolic forms are widely available, perhaps they can provide a basis for democratic engagement to restore trust on behalf of the public good. [Robert Hariman. Rhetorical Forms in Right-Wing Populist Discourse. China Media Research, 77(3):14-25]2 Keywords: Populism, rhetoric, media logic, trope, abstraction, analogy, allegory, Trump

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