A Decade Later: Taking Stock of the Arab Uprisings and Turkey's Role.

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Date: Spring 2021
From: Insight Turkey(Vol. 23, Issue 2)
Publisher: SETA Foundation for Political, Economic, and Social Research
Document Type: Article
Length: 9,117 words
Lexile Measure: 1630L

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This article attempts to understand the outcomes of the crackdown on the Arab revolts and the lessons learned thereof. There is no doubt that the Arab revolts were corrupted shortly after their start and used to serve the interests of counterrevolutionaries. The economic, social, and political problems, which triggered the riots in 2011, have not been mitigated a decade later. In this respect, Turkey's respect for popular demands, the attractiveness of its democratic model, and it proactive foreign policy have concerned the Gulf states leading them to view Turkey as a country that they had to contain. However, Turkey's post-2016 efforts to restore the balance of power through the use of hard power prevented Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates from developing a new regional blueprint under the Trump administration. Right now, there are indications that all regional powers are engaging in afresh strategic assessment. Keywords: Arab Uprisings, Turkey, Middle East, North Africa

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