European integration and production in the French economy

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Date: Apr. 2005
From: Contemporary Economic Policy(Vol. 23, Issue 2)
Publisher: Blackwell Publishers Ltd.
Document Type: Article
Length: 9,161 words

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Effects of greater European integration on the French economy are explored with an aggregate cost function. Input direct price elasticities are inelastic, but greatest (absolute value) for capital and lowest for imports. Cross-price elasticities suggest inputs are substitutes and are higher for domestic inputs than domestic input and imports pairs. As trade restrictions fall, effects on domestic input demand may increase as substitution elasticities rise. Inverse output supply price elasticities indicate domestic input prices are relatively important factors affecting consumption goods prices and import prices more important for investment goods. Thus, import price decreases may stimulate investment and growth. (JEL F14, O10, O12)

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