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Author: Dan Lett
Date: Oct. 27, 2009
Publisher: CMA Joule Inc.
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The Canadian Lung Association will escalate its lobbying effort to persuade Canada's airline industry to remove pets from passenger cabins to protect people with severe asthma and pet-related allergies.

"We get that people want to travel with their pets but we just don't understand why people need to travel with their pets in the cabin of an airplane," says spokesman Cameron Bishop. "This is not to be unsympathetic to pet owners but our first responsibility is to people with respiratory problems."

Air Canada recently opted to become more pet-friendly by rescinding its 2006 ban on small pets travelling in passenger cabins, provided they are contained within small cages or kennels that fit under a seat. Service animals remain exempt, as they were during the period in which Air Canada prohibited pets in cabins.

Bishop says the association wants small, nonservice animals placed in the same pressurized, heated cargo bay compartments that now house larger pets that travel.

The association organized a letter-writing campaign calling on the House of Common's Standing Committee on Health Care to examine pet-friendly airline policies. The...

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