Bus company's negligence leads to passenger's death

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Date: Dec. 2016
From: Trial(Vol. 52, Issue 12)
Publisher: American Association for Justice
Document Type: Article
Length: 458 words
Lexile Measure: 1160L

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Harvey Chernikoff, who had intellectual disabilities and schizophrenia, lived with his parents and commuted to his workshop job on a paratransit bus operated by First Transit, Inc. To safeguard passengers with disabilities from choking, the bus company's rules prohibited passengers from eating or drinking.

One day, Chernikoff was eating on the bus and began choking. Unable to speak with his airway obstructed, he reached for help. Although he was the sole passenger and was sitting directly behind the driver, more than three minutes passed before the driver noticed him slumped in the aisle, unconscious. The driver, who was not trained in CPR, the Heimlich maneuver, or other basic first-aid measures, called his dispatch, which...

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