Education as the basis of sustainable development

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Date: July 2005
From: Interciencia(Vol. 30, Issue 7)
Publisher: Interciencia Association
Document Type: Editorial
Length: 762 words

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The environment continues to be the object of debates, meetings, conferences and lectures. All around the world media spotlights illuminate stages and spots of all kinds, providing time and image to the performers, amongst them politicians, scientists, promoters, professors and students.

On behalf of the environment, a barrage of works, projects, programs and actions is launched every year, specially during the commemorations of its day, June 5th, as if this would amend actions promised but not fulfilled, and be the solution to social disasters or a panacea for the many wrongs of this planet, which is evermore being menaced.

On the other hand, entrepreneurs more or less prone to a true environmental cause, but always concerned about their own business, also take advantage of the name and celebrations to advertise and market their brands, products and services. Nothing very different to that which occurs with the other commemorative occasions, usually created with the goal of promoting sales and increasing profits.

It must be emphasized that the characters and roles referred to are not the only, or the major ones, responsible for the environmental problems. We must also recall those who...

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