Luis Flores: doing the right thing

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Date: May-June 2017
From: Latino Leaders(Vol. 18, Issue 3)
Publisher: Ferraez Publications of America Corp.
Document Type: Interview
Length: 678 words
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Ask most college students today what their favorite movie was when they were 8, and they'll likely to name "Finding Nemo" or some other Disney classic.

For Luis Flores of Oswego, Illinois, that movie was Spike Lee's "Do the Right Thing."

Even at that young age, he was struck by the main character's desire to always do what was right, even when doing so was difficult. For Flores, a senior nursing student at Northern Illinois University, that has translated into a busy schedule since he arrived on campus. He balances the intense demands of majoring in nursing with what he believes is an obligation to serve his fellow NIU Huskies, especially the Latino community.

He does much of that work through the Latino Resource Center, which he discovered as a first-year. There he received mentoring from older students and took advantage of programs that taught him study skills. Today, he serves as a mentor himself to nursing students of various backgrounds.

"I encourage them they can do it. It...

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