Juan Sanchez Munoz: Texas Tech Vice President says role models and financial solutions key to a student success

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Author: Rita Cook
Date: November-December 2016
From: Latino Leaders(Vol. 17)
Publisher: Ferraez Publications of America Corp.
Document Type: Article
Length: 702 words
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Juan Sanchez Munoz, Ph.D., is the Senior Vice President for Institutional Diversity Equity, and Community Engagement and the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education and Student Affairs at Texas Tech University. He has also served on the President's Administrative Council, Provost's Staff, Dean's Council, Academic Council, Strategic Planning Council, Strategic Enrollment Planning Council, and is the Chair of the Texas Tech University System's Outreach and Engagement System Priority.

From those angles, Munoz is poised to comment on the dilemmas and solutions that face the Latino student population --not only at Texas Tech, where there is a 24 percent Latino student body and a faculty that is approximately 7 percent Hispanic--but also at colleges and universities across the country. Even at a glance, it is obvious that Latino involvement in higher education needs to improve. "When we look across the country and those locations with larger populations and urban centers, we have seen significant growth in the Latino community," Munoz said.

So how does a university get to a point where Latino students not only enroll in...

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