Peru's universities: step up to the plate: demand for talent in Peru is growing more rapidly than its supply

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Date: March-April 2013
From: Latin Trade(Vol. 21, Issue 2)
Publisher: Miami Media, LLC
Document Type: Article
Length: 562 words
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A curious thing is happening in Peru. While many professionals and recent graduates in the world's top economies struggle to land, and in some cases keep, management positions at major firms, corporate demand for talent in Peru is growing more rapidly than its supply.

This situation, note industry observers, is motivating higher learning institutions to update their curriculums, invest in facilities, and recruit top staff, among other things, in order to increase the volume and quality of their graduates.

Such is the case of ESAN University, home to one of the country's top business schools. The institution, which offers Master's in Business Administration (MBAs), Master's of Science, and Executive Education, has been a market leader in developing specialized degrees ever since its foundation 50 years ago.

In addition to the more traditional titles, the University offers sector-specific degrees, particularly in...

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