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Date: Sept. 10, 2021
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LONDON -- The following information was released by the UK Government:

An internationally important lowland raised peat bog between England and Wales celebrates its 30th birthday as a National Nature Reserve (NNR).


Natural England and Natural Resources Wales


10 September 2021

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10 September 2021 -- See all updates

The Marches Mosses, the UK's third largest lowland raised peat bog, was once known as a source of peat cut for fuel and horticulture. Now it is a leading example of how peat bogs can fight against climate change if restored.

In 1990 ownership of the land was acquired by Natural England, Natural Resources Wales and Shropshire Wildlife Trust who began the process of restoring it before being joined by the European BogLIFE Project in 2016.

The 2,500-acre peat bog, which crosses the Wales-England border between Wrexham and Shropshire, has been cleared of trees and scrub, ditches have been dammed and bunds created to restore bog water tables to the peat surface.

The 30th anniversary will also see the NNR status being spread to incorporate a further 237 acres of peatland which have been added to the restoration work.

Tony Juniper, chair of Natural England, said:

Thirty years of action to revive one our largest peat bogs is paying dividends in helping to tackle the climate crisis and, at the same time, has boosted the survival of its rare ecology.

Places like the Marches Mosses are an example of...

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